4 July 2018
Tariff War Hits The Printing Industry

The first effects of the Canada US tariff war is starting to hit the Canadian printing industry. With the US tariff on Canadian steel of 25% and now Canadian tariffs on US steel of 25% the cost of binding supplies such as wire-o, wire spiral and stitching wire have gone up by more than 25%. Even aluminum posts and screws have gone up. Not as much, as aluminum tariffs are only 10%.

With the cost of steel going up by 25% (because of the US steel tariffs) all printing equipment made in the US will go up at some point. The price on printing plates had increased before this tariff war and may be going up again.  Unless this tariff war is settled soon printing equipment and supplies made out side the US will be more competitive. Too make things even worse GST is charged on top of the tariff.